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The team of agile-living is composed of people who come from very different areas and have been dealing with agile topics and the further development of people and teams for years. One focus is on communication and coaching. The employees are closely networked with each other and develop strategies and events together. This enables them to achieve more than would be possible with a single consultant.







Bettina Ruggeri developed software for 10 years and has been working as an Agile Coach and Scrum Master (CSM, CSP & CTC) since 2007.

Working with people has led her to further her education as a systemic coach, mediator and in the field of group dynamics. An important pillar in her life is Nonviolent Communication (NVC) according to Marshall Rosenberg.

With agile-living she wants to realize her dream to support people and companies in developing strategies that take into account the needs of all participants and thus achieve sustainable success.

In her private life she loves to stroll around in nature with her dog Lilli, to care for her garden and to get involved with human issues.


Cosima Laube studied computer science and worked for over 12 years as an (agile) software developer and IT project manager in various organizations - from medium-sized companies in the financial sector to corporations in the medical and automotive sectors. After a part-time study of psychology (BSc) and a coaching education, Cosima has meanwhile found her place of work between man and technology.

For example, Cosima can be found in "parsing and debugging" between IT specialists, specialists and management, as well as anywhere else that is "human". Her whole passion is for people and a sustainable, solution-focused cooperation - always with a view to building bridges and the positive forces that lie dormant in every single person.

To compensate for this, Cosima likes to put on her running shoes and train in nature for the next long distance or advocate a sustainable way of life.

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Ramona Hülsmann is a graduate psychologist and fascinated by the question of how people can get in touch with each other. During her studies she specialized in clinical psychology and educational psychology, especially in criteria of successful learning and teaching.

During further training after her studies she got in touch with Nonviolent Communication according to Marshall B. Rosenberg and immediately caught fire: For her, sincerity and empathy became the key to understanding and real connection!
As a trained trainer, she works today to ensure that people can meet each other (even in difficult situations) in an authentic and respectful way. In her family with husband and six children there are enough practice areas to test the theory in practice and to try out new ways.

In her private life Ramona likes to go outdoors (preferably cross-country) and goes on mountain tours with his family. When she has a moment all to herself, she prefers to grab a book or play the piano. Otherwise she lives according to the motto: Singing is always possible.


Sven Schnee has been developing software for 10 years, mostly in chaotic projects and companies. In 2010 he got to know agility and became "infected". He then focused on people. His vision to bring agility to as many companies and teams as possible, he now successfully implements as an agile coach.

For him, the key to agile work is direct, empathic communication with the right people at the right time.

To promote common understanding, he also uses practices and methods that have proven themselves outside software development, such as visualization with story and impact mapping.

Successfully combining these elements, he helps teams and organizations make their customers happy by delivering the right products/projects in less time. He would like to accompany this path.

In his free time he keeps his family agile and on the go, does sports, goes to the cinema or sits at his electronic devices.

In seiner Freizeit hält er seine Familie agil auf Trab, ist beim Sporteln, im Kino oder an seinen elektronischen Geräten zu finden.