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RETROSPECTIVEBENEFIT OF A RETROSPECTIVERetrospectives support growth. This is the time to promote strengths and develop solutions to problems.This can include teamwork issues, technical problems, process deficits, product specific issues, acceptance, appreciation, communication within and/or outside the team, etc.PROCEDURE OF A RETROSPECTIVEThe course of a retrospective usually consists of five phases:Intro: Arrival, clarification of the goals […]



WHAT IS SCRUM?Scrum is an agile, incremental development method. With each increment, the team delivers a potentially usable product. Changes in requirements can be incorporated into the project in a controlled manner.Im Mittelpunkt steht die Selbstorganisation des Teams. Der Scrum Master unterstützt dabei, um störungsfreies Arbeiten zu ermöglichen.Das Entwicklungsteam benötigt keinen Projektleiter. Der Product Owner […]