our vision






With agile-living we want to inspire people to realize lasting success through non-violent thinking and acting, in their life and their work.

For all of us, a lively and attentive interaction between people is desirable, because that is the most important prerequisite for our decisions to develop into positive solutions.

We believe that decisions and solutions that address and incorporate the needs of everyone involved in a process contribute to an agile and contented life and success.

In conflict situations, we ask the following question:

“Do you want to be right or happy? Unfortunately, both together usually do not work.”

The interesting thing is: “What consequences could it have if I keep ‘right’?”

Often strategies or solutions do not take into account the needs of all involved and are consequently rejected and blocked.
If success alone is paramount, it can quickly lead to stressful relationships and a joyless life together.
Many people yearn for new ways to succeed in their lives and have relationships. For this they read textbooks, participate in training, look for like-minded people, until they realize how difficult it can be to actually implement new findings in everyday life.

Our offer is aimed at people who want to integrate their new insights effectively and sustainably into their lives and their work – and to people who want to contribute to sustainable solutions and thus create success, joy and lively relationships between those involved.

We will enrich the lives and work of our participants by training mindfulness and the ability to find needs-oriented solutions in every situation. To do this, we teach effective ways in which frustration, waste of energy, and dissatisfaction can be transformed into shared and successful solutions through rejected and blocked processes.


We build bridges and make entry into the topics of agility and Nonviolent Communication simple and easy. Our training concepts also help to internalize the topics in a playful way and ensure transfer into everyday life already during the training. Thereby we hope for a high sustainability of the learned.