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RETROSPEKTIVEDownload   BENEFIT OF A RETROSPEKTIVERetrospectives support further development. Here there is time to promote strengths and develop solutions to problems.This can include topics of teamwork, technical problems, process deficits, product-specific topics, acceptance, appreciation, communication within and/or outside the team, etc. Download PROCEDURE OF A RETROSPECTIVEThe process of a retrospective usually proceeds in five phases:Intro: […]


agile-facilitation cards

60 CARDS WITH METHODS & TOOLS THAT HAVE PROVEN THEMSELVES IN AN AGILE ENVIRONMENTWe are happy to pass on the tickets for 25 Euro plus 19% VAT. The shipping by shipment goods and books to current prices.Inquiries gladly over kontakt@agile-living.comAGILE FACILITATION4 days training for team- and group-facilitation in an agile and not-agile context.