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The team of agile-living is composed of people who come from very different areas and have been dealing with agile topics and the further development of people and teams for years. One focus is on communication and coaching. The employees are closely networked with each other and develop strategies and events together. This enables them […]




We offer trainings that have already proven themselves many times with our customers. In addition, we are also happy to design training courses and workshops that are tailored to your specific situation. Talk to us!OUR TRAININGSLIVING COMMUNICATION2-day training for Nonviolent Communicationmore….LIVING FEEDBACK2-days training for feedback and honestymore…LIVING TEAM1-day training for constructive handling of groupdynamics in a […]


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LIVE MORE AGILE ACHIEVING GOALS TOGETHER… We want to build bridges because we believe in the possibility of developing strategies that take into account the needs and interests of all those involved. Even in times of ever faster changes, we want to shape our lives and work successfully and develop strategies that make the right […]


agile-facilitation cards

60 CARDS WITH METHODS & TOOLS THAT HAVE PROVEN THEMSELVES IN AN AGILE ENVIRONMENTWe are happy to pass on the tickets for 25 Euro plus 19% VAT. The shipping by shipment goods and books to current prices.Inquiries gladly over kontakt@agile-living.comAGILE FACILITATION4 days training for team- and group-facilitation in an agile and not-agile context.