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nvc kudo-cards

I love this mashup of Kudo Cards and NVC by @RuggeriDE ("Thank you because I saw this, making me feel this, which served this need.")Find them at https://t.co/MwXHcWNUfA pic.twitter.com/12c1BGpsGT— Jurgen Appelo (@jurgenappelo) August 22, 2018The cards can be downloaded and printed  here.Other coaches also bought the cards in block form with 10 cards each.We are […]


need cards

54 CARDS WITH NEEDS. USEFUL FOR MODERATION, TRAINING UND COACHING.We are happy to pass on the cards for 25 Euro plus 19% VAT. The shipping is by shipment goods and books to the current prices.Inquiries gladly over kontakt@agile-living.comLIVING COMMUNICATION2-days training for Nonviolent CommunicationLIVING FEEDBACK2-days training for feedback & honesty