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WHAT IS SCRUM?Scrum is an agile, incremental development method. With each increment, the team delivers a potentially usable product. Changes in requirements can be incorporated into the project in a controlled manner.Im Mittelpunkt steht die Selbstorganisation des Teams. Der Scrum Master unterstützt dabei, um störungsfreies Arbeiten zu ermöglichen.Das Entwicklungsteam benötigt keinen Projektleiter. Der Product Owner […]



CURRENTLY READING…Bettina’s bookshelf: currently-readingOut of Our Minds: Learning to Be Creativeby Ken Robinsontagged:currently-reading Share book reviews and ratings with Bettina, and even join a book club on Goodreads. NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATIONBettina’s bookshelf: nvcNonviolent Communication (Nvc) Toolkit for Facilitators: Interactive Activities and Awareness Exercises Based on 18 Key Concepts for the Development of NVC Skills and Consciousnessby […]