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LIVE MORE AGILE ACHIEVING GOALS TOGETHER… We want to build bridges because we believe in the possibility of developing strategies that take into account the needs and interests of all those involved. Even in times of ever faster changes, we want to shape our lives and work successfully and develop strategies that make the right […]


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I love this mashup of Kudo Cards and NVC by @RuggeriDE ("Thank you because I saw this, making me feel this, which served this need.")Find them at https://t.co/MwXHcWNUfA pic.twitter.com/12c1BGpsGT— Jurgen Appelo (@jurgenappelo) August 22, 2018The cards can be downloaded and printed  here. Other coaches also bought the cards in block form with 10 cards each […]



WORKING MATERIALS, MAPS & LISTS We are very happy that you are interested in our offer and that we can contribute to your support. We invite you to download our materials and use them in your environment. In order to be appreciated for our work and to find a balance between give and take, please […]