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agile Facilitation

With our training we would like to support you in building a moderation team in your organisation. We often experience employees and managers complaining that meetings are inefficient and avoid personal meetings. The result is that there is no common understanding on important issues and the implementation of projects becomes difficult. In an agile environment, […]



Feeling Cards 54 cards in a box for 30€ inkl. VAT und 5€ shipping €30.00 Feelings Digital Digital Feeling Cards for 15 € incl. VAT €15.00 Need Cards 54 cards in a box for 30€ incl. VAT und 5€ shipping €30.00 Needs Digital Digital Need Cards for 15€ incl. VAT €15.00 agileFacilitation Cards 60 cards […]


nvc kudo-cards

I love this mashup of Kudo Cards and NVC by @RuggeriDE ("Thank you because I saw this, making me feel this, which served this need.")Find them at https://t.co/MwXHcWNUfA pic.twitter.com/12c1BGpsGT— Jurgen Appelo (@jurgenappelo) August 22, 2018The cards can be downloaded and printed  here. Other coaches also bought the cards in block form with 10 cards each […]