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apprentice program

Download DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR…? You can’t find a Scrum Master and urgently need Product Owners who are able to think and act agile? You are looking for developers who are familiar with Test-Driven-Development, Continous-Integration, Craftmanship and who deliver self-organized products with high quality? You would like to experience more progress in your agile transformation? […]


coaching for agile (SM & PO)

WITH COACHING FOR CERTIFICATION (SCRUM ALLIANCE) Do you know that in addition to a certification course, you can also achieve the prerequisites for the online test for Scrum Master Certification or Product Owner with the Scrum Alliance with coaching (individual and small groups)? As a Certified Team Coach (CTC) we can recommend interested parties who have […]



… MEANS TO CREATE LIFE-VALUES. Our products are important. They embody our vision and form our financial basis. OUR PRODUCTS ARE DEVELOPED BY PEOPLE FOR PEOPLE. This is another reason why it is important for us to focus on the people, customers and employees involved in product development. For successful products, we need values such […]