Movement FAcilitator

qualification as a Movement FAcilitator

why a Movement Faciliator?

The Movement Framework is a framework for the systematic development of knowledge that is required in organisations as part of their transformations. Be it a common understanding of Scrum or other agile working methods.

The power of a Movement lies in the fact that learning is self-organised in small groups and is accompanied by mentors and experts. On the one hand, this increases the learning transfer rate many times over. With training courses, the transfer rate is less than 10%.

Movements by external consultants like us are very expensive for companies. For this reason, it is helpful to bring a Movement Facilitator into the company or to train one so that a Movement can be set up without external support.

Of course, the facilitators learn the necessary knowledge in a facilitator movement.

Agile Living Movement is one of the first group coaching & mentoring programmes in the world to be certified by the Scrum Alliance for their “Path to CSP” programme.

Agile Living Movement is a lightweight framework for self-organised learning in small groups, which is accompanied by coaching and mentoring and supports the development of a sustainable learning culture in the company.

You can experience the programme completely part-time and online-live.

All Movement programmes can be carried out both live and remotely.

In a remote setting, we offer many possibilities and examples of remote collaboration in teams. This supports with additional know-how for remote-first work.

contents of the Movement for Facilitators


A Movement Facilitator knows the framework and the principles behind it. A facilitator can explain the framework and apply it in the organisation.


Understand the role of the mentor in a movement and work out how to establish and support a mentoring community in your own company.

Learning Objectives

You understand Bloom’s taxonomy and can formulate learning content that is developed in the learning groups in a self-organised manner. You support the subject matter experts in compiling the learning content


A facilitator knows all movement events and can not only moderate them themselves, but also pass on their knowledge to the participants and mentors.

the Movement Facilitator Journey

On this journey, you will work on the learning objectives of the Movement over 16 weeks (4 months) in a stable group with 4-8 travelling companions.

Bettina Ruggeri (CEC, CAL & Path2CSPEducator) and another Agile Coach accompany you on this journey with live coaching and 1:1 mentoring.

The strength of the program lies in collaborative learning over a longer period of time in a stable group. You and your peers learn with and from each other, which deepens and expands the content in the long term.

The transfer to everyday working life is reflected on together from the outset and monitored over 16 weeks, making the effectiveness of the programme visible in your work right from the start.

In contrast to training and video courses, you can build relationships with your colleagues and coaches who can guide, support and encourage you over the entire period.

The Agile Living Movement can begin if there are at least 4 participants who are willing to walk this path together.

You will work together on the learning objectives of the Scrum Alliance on a weekly basis in a self-organised manner. Your results, experiences and experiments will be shared and reflected upon in the regular coaching sessions.

To consolidate your work, you will receive a student workbook in which you can document your learning journey and discuss it with your mentor.

that sounds exciting

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

This is the first value of the agile manifesto.

And that’s why we offer supervision and coaching dojo in addition to the Scrum content. With impulses from Nonviolent Communication and Clean Language, you will receive tools and practices to sustainably develop your personal growth and that of your organisation.

We offer a total of 20 hours of live online sessions for the group and five 1:1 mentoring sessions for each participant. In addition, you will work together with your colleagues for at least 2 hours every week to discuss what you have learnt and share your experiences.

Your invested time amounts to at least 68 hours for joint learning, reflection and mentoring.


We speak German and English.
In mixed groups, we will speak English during the group coaching sessions.
In the 1:1 mentoring sessions, we will speak the language you feel comfortable with.


We work with Zoom, Miro and the Slack community of Agile Living Movement.


You can take part if a suitable group is found and you confirm your participation in writing. Your place is booked once you have paid the invoice.


To join the Movement Movement Facilitator you need to enjoy working with people and have an affinity for collaborative learning.

We invite people who…

  • would like to set up and accompany a Movement in their company
  • enjoy learning in a community
  • want to anchor the content sustainably
  • enjoy personal development
  • want individual support
  • want to benefit from the wealth of experience of their peers and coaches

Participants from the same organisation have the additional advantage of working on common challenges and living the learning community in the company beyond the leadership journey.

do you want to be part of this?

the benefits


Learning from and with each other

In contrast to training and video courses, you can build relationships with your peers and coaches who will guide, support and encourage you for at least 20 weeks. We benefit from the expertise of all participants.



In addition to the coaching sessions with your learning group, you will receive 1:1 mentoring with one of the coaches throughout the entire learning journey. This involves reflection, support with the learning content and the challenges in your daily activities.

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We offer Supervision and Coaching Dojo. With impulses from Nonviolent Communication and Clean Language, you will receive tools and practices to deepen your personal growth and sustainably develop that of your organisation.

Agile Living movement offers ...

Live-Online Offers

We start with a joint kick-off.
There will be one coaching session and one 1:1 mentoring session per month.
You work with your peers for at least 2 hours a week.
We do supervision and coaching dojo.
We do a retrospective – for the best development of your learning journey.
In your final mentoring and coaching session, we reflect on your journey using your student workbook.

Movement Facilitation

Together with your peers, you will work on the Learning Objectives of the Facilitator Movement.

Together with the coaches, you will reflect on the learning content and the challenges you experience in your working life.
Working with the student workbook deepens your learning and reflection on the journey.


Working as a movement facilitator is always about people and the system in which they are embedded.
Dealing with colleagues, teams and interaction play a major role.

With systemic work, non-violent communication and clean language, supervision and coaching dojo, you receive impulses to make your interactions lively, authentic and effective.
You can build bridges and promote cooperation within the company.

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