Agile Coaching

“The important thing is not your process, the important thing is your process for improving your process.”

(Henrik Kniberg)


Agility is an attitude of dealing with change through continuous development. The status quo is actively scrutinised. Solutions are consciously, experimentally and continuously sought that make the desired result possible.

Agile methods and frameworks have proven particularly successful in complex systems and deal with change and uncertainty in a very structured and disciplined way.

We attach particular importance to a profound understanding of the meaning and purpose of the methods and frameworks, as well as the development of an effective learning culture.

our offer

We are a community of Agile Coaches and can support you in all areas related to agility in your organisation.

We offer coaching & mentoring programs with which we support your Scrum professionals and accompany them through to accreditation. We accredit all levels of Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Leadership according to the standards of the Agile Coaches Alliance.

We have many years of experience with scaling, offer leadership coaching and can also provide support in areas outside of IT.

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