Bettina Ruggeri

Bettina Ruggeri

Bettina Ruggeri is a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), Certified Team Coach (CTC), Path2CSPEducator and Agile Leader (CAL) – Scrum Alliance.
She is an accreditation coach with the Agile Coaches Alliance and co-founder of the Movement program.

Her focus is on the learning organisation, organisational leadership and culture and helps organisations to develop further in these areas.

She has trained as a systemic & hypnosystemic coach, mediator, systemic organisational consultant and trainer for non-violent communication. She has more than 15 years of practical experience in the use of Scrum, Kanban, scaling with LeSS and agile methods.

With agile-living, she wants to realise her dream of helping people and companies to develop strategies that take into account the needs of all those involved and thus achieve sustainable success.

In her private life, she loves roaming around in nature with her dog Lilli, tending her garden, continuously developing herself and volunteering (