living team


(Henry Ford)

Everywhere we live and work in groups. Family, circle of friends, clubs, up to the colleagues and teams with whom we work every day.

Every group is subject to a group dynamic process that we go through over and over again and that only in the end enables the desired result: a constructive and highly effective living and working together.

We can neither accelerate this process nor skip any of the five phases. However, we can accompany this process constructively in order to help the groups to mature into a workable team with little friction.

All our trainings and the Agile Living Movement programmes can be done live and remotely and are NOT affected by the current developments around Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and can take place.

These difficult times also offer opportunities: in a remote setting we offer many possibilities and examples of remote collaboration in teams. This supports with additional know-how for the coming months.


The training includes two working days for a face-to-face training and 3 days for the remote version.
On the first day we work from 10am-6pm.
On the second day from 9-17 hrs.


For in-house training, the premises, including catering if necessary, are organised and provided by the client.

For online trainings we work with Zoom and Miro.


We will probably train with two trainers and possibly an assistant. The number of participants can vary live from 12 to max. 16 participants.

In online trainings we can increase the number of participants to 25.


Our fee for in-house training is calculated from our flat participant fee plus VAT.

what to expect in the training

  • Exchange and inspiration
    stages of conflict (Friedrich Glasl)
  • the five phases of group dynamics
  • Basics of non-violent communication (M. Rosenberg)
  • Analysis of one’s own team on the basis of Nonviolent Communication
  • Ideas for the constructive accompaniment of a group dynamic process

this is how we work

In live training sessions, the participants contribute their experiences on the topic and can try them out directly after short impulse lectures in subsequent training units.

In remote settings, participants can also contribute their experiences on the topic and, after short impulse lectures, directly test them in subsequent training sessions in breakout rooms.

We offer regular reflection sessions so that you can integrate what you have learned into your everyday life in the best possible way.

We work in small groups, plenary sessions and in pairs and look at the principles behind the agile way of working.

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