conflict & mediation

“Beyond right and wrong lies a place. That is where we meet.”


Conflicts cost time, money and energy....

Conflicts affect every form of relationship. In companies, they can have serious economic consequences with high follow-up costs. They hinder effective, future-oriented cooperation and can completely block necessary further development. As a rule, disputes tend to intensify quickly, especially when misunderstandings prevail and injuries have occurred. Personally affected people who are emotionally or due to their interests entangled in a conflict and whose focus is directed towards asserting their own ideas are usually no longer able to resolve their conflict with each other themselves.

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Possible applications

  • in all disputes where a solution acceptable to both sides is urgently needed for economic or personal reasons.
  • in difficult proceedings where negotiations are deadlocked and fronts are hardened when no agreement or solution is in sight.
  • as a pre- and out-of-court conflict resolution procedure.


In all cases, contemporary procedures such as mediation and empathic accompaniment can prevent escalation and go a long way in supporting the rapid, sustainable resolution of the conflict.


…Finding Ways And Solutions

…Solve Conflicts

Mediation is a successful method of conflict resolution that has been tried and tested for years and can be carried out promptly, cost-effectively and flexibly. Mediation takes place in a framework of mutual appreciation and respect. The impartial mediator leads and moderates the process. He supports the conflict parties on the way to fair, sustainable and value-adding solutions that take into account the needs and interests of all parties involved.

how mediation works

Opening phase

Information on the course of the proceedings and the applicable rules of conduct

Information and topic collection

Information comparison and collection of issues

Clarification of interests

Clarification of conflict and understanding of interests and concerns


Finding creative solutions and aligning them with goals and interests


The solutions are recorded in a contract and can be reviewed by lawyers before signing, if necessary.

The mediator accompanies all phases. A variety of methods are applied individually to achieve a effective solution.

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