Agile manifesto

INDIVIDUALS AND INTERACTIONS over processes and tools
FUNCTIONING PROJECTS over comprehensive documentation
COOPERATION WITH CUSTOMERS over contract negotiation
DEALING WITH CHANGE over following a plan

agile manifesto

We offer introduction and supervisory support of agile processes for personal self-organisation and teams. Depending on the requirements, this includes models such as Scrum and Kanban in the IT area or the use of agile practices in other areas of the organisation.

Participants learn about agile methods that support lively collaboration across team and department boundaries, as well as promoting transparency and learning.

wHY agile?

agile means dynamic, flexible, adaptable, alive, vital, agile….

All these attributes make life easier when it comes to change. Life is change; change is part of it and absolutely inevitable.

Agile methods are currently very well known in software development. At the same time, their benefits are not bound to technology. Agile methods can simplify life in almost every professional and private environment.

the benefit of agile methods

  • Increase transparency: We see what needs to be done and what we have achieved at the end of the day.
  • We recognise bottlenecks and problems more quickly and can react to them.
  • Avoiding waste: We deal with the currently important issues and do not make detailed plans for the distant future.
  • The quality of work and products improves
  • We communicate more with the people involved
  • Everyone involved has more overview and is more involved
  • We promote further development through reflection and step-by-step improvement.
  • Trusting and appreciative interaction increases the satisfaction of all those involved

agile basics

1-day training for agile principles for everyone


agile facilitation

4-day training for facilitation in an agile context


agile living movement

Coaching & mentoring for self-organised learning in the company


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