I told you that right away

After a long period of uncertainty, a team conducts a thorough analysis of their work performance. The figures are devastating. “I told you so…” is the first comment from management.

We don’t have to motivate our employees – we just have to stop constantly de-motivating them!

Demotivation in the workplace can have a devastating effect on productivity and morale. An environment characterized by criticism without constructive feedback not only leads to a decrease in motivation, but also to a climate of fear rather than engagement.

As managers, we must not only acknowledge the pain of our teams, but also accompany and support them. The mistakes and their impact usually speak for themselves and are a shock to everyone involved. We don’t have to add to that.
We can accompany our colleagues’ pain with presence and empathy and support them in finding access to their resources again so that they can solve their problems.

Showing empathy in the workplace means building a bridge of understanding and mutual respect. It shows that we are all on the same side and promotes a culture of trust and openness. This creates a basis for productivity and satisfaction in the workplace.

Implementing non-violent communication (NVC) in the workplace is key to building a healthier, more productive and inclusive work environment. Through active listening, empathy and constructive feedback, we empower not only the individual, but the entire team.

Empathy takes place in the heart and, with presence and the right words, can work small and large miracles.

In our NVC movement, non-violent communication can be learned, practiced and tested!

Together we can create an environment in which everyone feels valued and can develop their full potential. It’s time to take the first step towards a more positive and productive work culture!

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